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Soshi news in one place

Rebuilt from the ground up, no more horrid loading screens or splash screens whenever the app is first launched. This means that you jump right into your daily reading of the Soshified news without waiting 5 minutes and dealing with a slow and laggy interface (those of you that were around pre 1.4, you'll know exactly what this means). How it loads so fast? It saves all of the current articles on your device so it doesn't have to download them each time. And as an added bonus it allows you to read the articles offline, so you aren't left in the dark when your internet connection goes dark.

All the content is served up in a beautiful card interface which allows the main image to be shown in it's most glorious form, rather than a tiny thumbnail which gets super cropped.

Reading the news is even simpler

When reading the articles you get a rich experience, the main a image takes up the entire width of the screen to provide you with maximum viewing pleasure of said photo. The app includes a 'light box' which will make the image take up the entirety of the screen allowing you to swipe between the post's photos; this is extremely helpful for when there is a gallery of images, you no longer have to scroll just to view all the photos. Saving photos is also very easy, just simple long press on the desired photo and it'll save to your device. This allows you to save multiple photos in a short period of time as it eliminates the need to select save from a menu.

Videos are played in the app rather than externally, this mightn't seem like a big deal, but pre 1.5 this wasn't the case and it was extremely annoying. So now you can the videos without even leaving the app.

App preview

Want to spazz with other SONES where ever you are? We will soon have you covered.

Still under heavy development but will definitely be released before the end of the year. All the forum features would be listed here, but that'll ruin the surprise ;D

Other Features


You can choose from a variety of themes and they'll apply app wide without you needing to close the app. Over time more themes will be added but at the moment you can choose from 'Soshi Light', 'Soshi Dark', and 'Tiffany's theme' (:P)

Offline saving

Every article is stored on your device so you can read it whenever you want, without an internet connection. In the future you'll be able to save forum topics too which will update whenever there is a connection.

Completely free

You shouldn't be spending your money on a bunch of random SONES, instead go buy some SNSD merchandise. But seriously, it wouldn't feel right making you pay to access a free site or restricting certain features from you. And also, we hate ads and I'm guessing so do you, so why fill your screen with pointless material which could ruin your experience.
So because of this, the app is completely free and ad-less.
If you really must insist on donating, send an email (below) or donate directly to Soshified.

Dedicated picture viewer

Simply tap an image and you can view all the images of the post/article in a 'lightbox' where you can view them in glorious HD. On the subject of pictures, you can also save any picture to your phone (Which is pretty standard behaviour but some apps don't allow this).

Korean Clock

Don't know what time it is in Korea? There is a clock built right into the app.


Want to report a bug, request a feature, or just want a chat?
Simply send an email to and I'll reply as soon as I can.
Or you could leave a comment on the Google+ or page or my twitter Twitter which are more likely to be checked.